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In Deed

IN DEED - New album release: ’EVEREST’

Release date: 27th of Oct 2017.

Label (vinyl): Open Mind Records, (digital): Over And Over Recordings.

Publishing: Misty Music AB


The five-piece band In Deed was formed in the university city of Uppsala in the mid-ninties. In early 1995, archeology student Linda Karlsberg had written a handful of songs and decided to put a band together aiming to record the tunes and if possible also perform live on stage. Soon the original line-up of In Deed was set, and Richard Öhrn (guitar) and Marcus Segersvärd (drums) are still, together with Linda Karlsberg, In Deed at present.

In 1996 the band set up to find a record deal. Songwriting quality had quickly developed within the group, both Richard Öhrn (who by then already had a few years of songwriting experience) and Marcus Segersvärd also starting to contribute compositions. Karlsbergs cool and mellow voice fit perfectly to the high energy and distinctive pop sound that became one of the bands trademarks. Though not yet signed to a label, In Deed was soon discovered by a local TV-station, who gave them a little push by numerous broadcasts. During this period in 1997, a publishing deal was sealed (Misty Music AB), in 1999 In Deed where selected to play on Swedens biggest music festival Hultsfredsfestivalen, and later the same year a record deal was signed (Stockholm based record company Dead Frog Records). The first single Apologize (2000) was heard frequently on national radio P3, the debut album At 4000 meters (2001) got some really good reviews and a lot of attention -as well as the second single Peace & Quiet (2001). On the song Marry Myself (At 4000 meters) the famous singer and actor Regina Lund made an appearence. In 2002 a video to the (by then) unreleased song According to you was frequently shown on the national music televison station ZTV (2002).

In 2004 In Deed took a break from touring and music making…only to pick it up 13 years later for the work of producing the follow-up to At 4000 Meters: Everest.

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