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Chronic Twilight

About… Michael Louis, former songwriter and multi-instrumentalist for Gothic Rock band, Experimenting With Dawn, steps back into the darkness as the sole musical conspirator behind his newest Darkwave recording project, Chronic Twilight. Gothic, Punk, and Glam Rock influences are evident throughout the full-length debut entitled, Hymns for Heliophobes. The first single, “God is Dead,” sets the tone for Louis’ gloomy, yet danceable backdrops. Baritone vocal confections are generously sprinkled over a lush layering of guitar, synthesizer, bass, and drums. Advancing alongside this dulcet blending, are Louis’ unconventional lyrical observations on the human condition, which are palpable in his scathing commentary on the fashion industry, “Low Moments in High Fashion”. Chronic Twilight is the cathartic release of a musician who is equally as agonized, as he is animated, by his own misanthropy. Whether it’s by pushing philosophical buttons or crafting rhythmical dirges, Louis is on course to take Chronic Twilight to a curious, and anomalous audience. For more info go to Contact: M

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