Stuckfish @Adaz4                                                                      Calling

Afteralice @Afteraliceband                                                       Breathe

Afteralice @Afteraliceband                                                       Left Me

Aged Teen @Agedteen                                                              Tale

Aged Teen @Agedteen                                                              Delusional Blues

Bay Station Band @Baystationband                                        Look But Don't Touch

Best Not Broken @Bestnotbroken                                           Faster

Best Not Broken @Bestnotbroken                                          Tell Me That You Want Me

Big Tobacco Company @Bigtobaccocompa                           Combo

Big Tobacco Company @Bigtobaccocompa                           LCA

Dandelion Charm @Dandelion_Charm                                   Riding The Flood

Deleo @Later_Officiel                                                               Cosmic

Deleo @Later_Officiel                                                               Game Lover

Devil's Beeftub @Buckfastblues                                              Buckfast Blues

Electric Mud @Electricmudd                                                    Canary In A Cathouse

Electric Mud @Electricmudd                                                    Black Dog

Grand Rezerva @Grandrezerva                                               RNR Junkie

Grand Rezerva @Grandrezerva                                               Not Like You

Griffin Tucker @Gktrocks                                                         Some Kind Of Love Song

Mawcore @Mawcore                                                                Mud Man

Mawcore @Mawcore                                                                Not Your Machine

Pierre Laurendeau @Pplaurendeau                                       Possible

Pulsion @Pulsion_Band                                                           Epílogo Terrenal

Pulsion @Pulsion_Band                                                           Homeostasis

Rlspencer @Rickylake4201                                                     EVIL ONE

Rlspencer @Rickylake4201                                                     LISTEN

Soul Poet's Syndicate @Thezyg808                                        Flippin' (Trap House Raid)

Steve Andrews @Bardofely                                                     Girl Singer

Steve Andrews                @Bardofely                                      Living Book

Stuart Alan Thomas @Stuartathomas                                   Edge Of The Sword

Stuart Alan Thomas @Stuartathomas                                   Paradox

Sunday Arches @Sundayarches                                             Holding A Flame

Sunday Arches @Sundayarches                                             We Never Were

The Reverent Cavaliers @Revcavs                                          Unreal Woman

The Reverent Cavaliers @Revcavs                                          When Love Comes To Town

W3detour @W3detour                                                               Shallowness

Second Hand Arms Dealer @2Ndhandarmsdeal                   Blister And A Scratch

Diabology Band @Diabology_Band                                          DEICIDE

Diabology Band @Diabology_Band                                          Judgement Day

Leesa Leesa Dr Leesa @Leesasklover                                    Ode To The Arctic Angels

Leesa Leesa Dr Leesa @Leesasklover                                    A World Of Love

Egocentric Pastic Men @Epmmusic                                        Veronica

Incident Report @Incidentreport_                                            Unplug Yourself

Limberlost @Limberlost_Band                                                 Long Shadows

Limberlost @Limberlost_Band                                                 Babylon

Randy Harris @2Rdharrismusic                                               Crosstown

Randy Harris @2Rdharrismusic                                               Drunk In Key West

Songs 4 Valery @Songs4valery                                                Run & Fly

Songs 4 Valery @Songs4valery                                                El Camino A Tu Corazon

Sonic @Sonicbandbogota                                                          Gypsy Soul

The Life And Death @Thisistlad                                                This Heart Has Been Broken

The Life And Death @Thisistlad                                                Hey Sister

To Brave My Soul @Tobravemysoul                                         Strange Storm

To Brave My Soul @Tobravemysoul                                         Empty Words

The Press Gang @The_Pressgang                                            Dagger For The Eye

A2rk @Arkcreativity                                                                    Wings Of Hope

A2rk @Arkcreativity                                                                    St. Martins West

Metaloyd @Metaloydworld                                                         Here Is My Heart

Metaloyd @Metaloydworld                                                         I Can't Take My Eyes Off You

The Faces Of Sarah @Tfosrock                                                 Song For Kali

The Faces Of Sarah @Tfosrock                                                 Misery Turns

Dark Oz @Dark_Oz_Band                                                           Egolectricity

Dark Oz @Dark_Oz_Band                                                           Everglades

Liam Naughton @Liam_Naughton                                            Life In Technicolor

Liam Naughton @Liam_Naughton                                            Mother Nature

SABOTEURS @Sabsbanduk                                                       Coraline

SABOTEURS @Sabsbanduk                                                       Nobody Knows Me Like You

Up Your Alley @Upyouralleyband                                              Hold On

Wills & The Willing @IWILLS                                                      Butterflies

AR Base @Arbase                                                                       Mirror Mirror

Anthems For Autumn @Anthems7                                           Feel Me

Klaus Passegger @Klaus_Passegger                                       Song Number Nine

Steve Jensen @Scuzzoe                                                             Finally Over

Steve Jensen @Scuzzoe                                                             Promises For Two

Alchimymusic @Alchimymusic                                                  Mayday

Alchimymusic @Alchimymusic                                                  Turn Right

Anarchy Reigns                                                                            Hypocrisy

Andy Crowe @Andycrowemusic                                                Turned Me Around

Camel Juice @Cameljuice_Band                                                Foldback

Camel Juice @Cameljuice_Band                                                Sister Mary

Coralcrown @Coralcrownband                                                  Between The Lights

Coralcrown @Coralcrownband                                                  Whoever

Chay Snowdon @Snowdon_Chay                                              Zenobia

Irish Pi - David Baker @Davidbakerisme                                  The Rakes Of Mallow

Elizmi Haze @Elizmihaze                                                            Bad Influence

Elizmi Haze @Elizmihaze                                                            Lazy Clean

Ernst Vingerhoets @Ernstvingerhoe1                                       One Sunday In Spring

Ernst Vingerhoets @Ernstvingerhoe1                                       When I Hear A Love Song

Flemt @Flemtrockband                                                               In My Dreams

Flemt @Flemtrockband                                                               Dreamgirl

Gypsy Piano Blues @Gypsypianoblues                                      Hard Hard Life

Gypsy Piano Blues @Gypsypianoblues                                      Babylon

Human                                                                                           Last Exit Before The Crash

Human                                                                                           Quai Des Etroits

Jeremy Boone @Jeremymboone1                                             Chances

Koma @Komakapela                                                                    Horror Story

Koma @Komakapela                                                                    Silent Storm

Midnight Shine @Midnightshineon                                             Heart Of Gold (Cover)

Sepia @Sepiaband                                                                       Cool

Sepia @Sepiaband                                                                       Marionette

Strawkites @Keithstrawkites                                                     Cluster 2

Strawkites @Keithstrawkites                                                     Purple Clouds

The Concious Underground @Allanagard                                 Never Ending Struggle

The Insurgents @Insrgntsmusic                                                Runaway

The Insurgents @Insrgntsmusic                                                Fake It

The Naveblues @Naveblues                                                       The Ghost Collector

Vulpine Smile                                                                                The Way It Flows

Wally Hite Rankin @Protopypemusiq                                        The River

Zak Fleisher @Zakfleisher                                                          GLU

DEF!CIT                                                                                          Short Stay

Jt Brattemark @JT_Brattermark                                               Countries And Highways

Jt Brattemark @JT_Brattermark                                               You Bring Me The Sunshine

24 Club @Manillaprltd                                                                 Tell Me What You Want

Addictive Philosophy @Addctvphisphy @Manillaprltd            (Not A) Novelty

Echotape @Echotapeuk @Manillaprltd                                      Out Of Love

NINE DART FINISH @NDFMUSIC @Manillaprltd                       Kicking And Screaming

Tony Humphries @Hiphopshippy                                               Flytrap '72

Bedrokk @bedrokkv8                                                                  Undertow

Come The Spring @Comethespringuk                                      13 Months

Come The Spring @Comethespringuk                                      Echoes

Edward Mewburn @Edmewburn                                               Let You Sleep

Percival Elliott @Elliottpercival                                                  Betty

Bittersweet Collapse @Bsweetcollapse1                                  Drowning Underneath

Bittersweet Collapse @Bsweetcollapse1                                  Portraits And Vanity

Houndwolf @Houndwolf_Metal                                                  Fast And Loose

Houndwolf @Houndwolf_Metal                                                  Sweet Goddess Of Fire

Jack Blake @12Stringjack                                                          Better Days Are Coming

Lazy Susan @Lazysusanrocks                                                   Bad Habit

Lazy Susan @Lazysusanrocks                                                   Holy Roller

Levy @Levy_Sound                                                                      Beautiful Monsters

Man Eat Grass @Maneatgrass                                                    Ya Block The Sun

Omazone @Omazonemusic                                                        Milkshakes Cornflakes

Omazone @Omazonemusic                                                        See If It Fits

Stevee @Acousticguitarw                                                           Cinematic Kid

Stevee @Acousticguitarw                                                           Mandie & Blues

Adam Hyman @Adamh1966                                                      The Masters Eyes

Brijs @_Brijs                                                                                 JASMINE

Devilspeak @Devilspeakband                                                    Honoured By The Bleeding

Elemae @Engieerrecords                                                           Hospitals & Mazes

Ennor @Ennormusic                                                                   Farewell To Atlantis

Faded Color Factory                                                                     Overhead

Paul Maged @Themagedman                                                    Choices

Paul Maged @Themagedman                                                    Gunz 4 Hire

The Concious Underground @Allanagard                                Never Ending Struggle

The New Tarot @Thenewtarot                                                   Mistake To Choose

Newt                                                                                              Ricochet

Tommy Red @Tommyredmusic                                                My Felonies

Tommy Red @Tommyredmusic                                                Ex-Catholic

Ancient Medicine                                                                         Back Into The Light

Crooked Teeth                                                                              Montain Song

Ancient Medicine                                                                         Carry On (All That's Left Is Time)

Dead Man's Knee @Deadmanskee                                            Pleasure

Liberty Lies @Libertylies                                                            Someone Else

Low Standards, High Fives @LSHFBAND                                 Bite Me

Natal Pride @Natal_Pride                                                           Pride & Feeling

Blue Carpet Band @Carpet_Band @Doomned                         Rock And Roll Carpet

Blue Carpet Band @Carpet_Band @Doomned                         I Don't Wanna Go Home

Dave Scott @Davescottdsp                                                        Captive (Time To Escape)

Dave Scott @Davescottdsp                                                        The Storm Is Coming

2Sisters @Nico2sisters                                                              My Zombie Girl

2Sisters @Nico2sisters                                                              Johnny